Dear Friends,

Where does the time go?!! Hard to believe that it is already August and summer is starting to wind down. Pretty soon we’ll be back to shoveling snow again! Groan.

For me, the past few months have been busy in many ways, but also a lot of fun.


A couple of weeks ago, I was able to help at a kids club at my church, teaching 15 lessons in 5 days! My session was about missions (what a surprise!), and we talked about different groups of kids from all over the world. It was neat to hear their questions, but it was also a real eye opener for me. After hearing me say that many people don’t have a Bible in their own language, one little six year old asked, “What is a Bible?” It did take long to realize that more than half of the kids in attendance were un-churched. There were also a lot of foster kids and kids in difficult circumstances. We found out that one little guy was abandoned by his mother who didn’t want the bother of caring for a child. So sad.


The last time I wrote, I had mentioned about some stories that my great-grandma had written about her pioneer days in the early 1900’s. It was a lot of work assembling them all into a book, but finally I was able to send it off to the printers and just today, my I got 2 big boxes of books delivered to my door!! Yeah! It has been a real joy to finally see the completed project and to remember my dear grandma who was a special influence in the lives of her family members.


In the weeks ahead, I’ll be travelling coast-to-coast in the USA. First of all I’ll be spending 2 weeks with my sister’s family in Connecticut. It has been more than 2 years since I’ve seen everyone and I know that the kids have grown up a lot. It will be fun to meet newborn baby Corey who will be about 6 weeks old by the time I get to see him! After a few days recovery from my CT trip, then I’ll be heading to California to see my co-worker Keri. I sure am looking forward to catching up on the past 6 months. While in CA, I’ll also been meeting up with my parents as we celebrate my Uncle Dennis’ 70th birthday. It will be great to see him again as well, as it has been several years since the last time.


Thanks so much for your continued prayers for the Mengen church. We are overjoyed at all the Lord is doing in the lives of the believers. At the moment, our church is beginning several different outreaches in our surrounding area. Please pray that the Lord would lead and guide our Bible teachers as they relocate and start to settle into these new areas. It’s a big step for these young families and also for the church as they begin to send out their own missionaries for the first time.

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and support. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Becky Preheim