Well, it’s almost departure time! My dear mother has been helping me clean and sort and pack and throw out all the stuff I’ve accumulated for 14 years’ and 5 different ministries’ worth of stuff. We hope to leave for home next week. Please be praying for our travels.

Since I will be Stateside for a year (or longer), please update your address books. If you send anything to me in El Paso, there will be a LONG delay before I receive it. Thank you! My email address will remain the same, and my new address is in the footer of my MMOL website!

I am hoping to see as many of you as possible!! If you want to see me, please contact me and we’ll try to arrange a time, date and place. If you don’t want to see me, please tell me that too! (so that I don’t spend hours trying to track you down and force you to visit with me). HAHAHA! Seriously, I just want to reconnect with as many of you, my dear friends and supporters and prayer warriors, as the Lord permits.

With love,
Allison Lucht