At dusk last week I stepped out the door and looked east towards the Space Coast. From Sanford, which is located 50 miles to the west, the fiery exhaust of the Delta 4 rocket was clearly visible as the craft rose through the sky with its payload. The purpose of the mission was to put a communication satellite into orbit, which will provide a significant increase in communications capability for the US and her partners. That evening I saw the flame of the rocket only. I wouldn’t have known the source of the glow in the sky if not for a news report given in advance of the launch. It was helpful information.

Our NTM office in Sanford is clearly visible as you drive by on 1000 E. 1st Street , however a casual glance at the building would not be enough to make a person aware of all that is taking place within the structure. Inside there are many different departments working together, busy communicating and providing support for missionaries ministering around the globe.

Working closely with the Connection Center is the Mobilization Department. The Mobilization Department is involved, among other things, with the Interface program, which is a college-level mission course (6 weeks) that is held in Papua New Guinea. On the Interface campus the students learn about tribal missions. Participants during their stay are able to spend time with tribal believers. One Christian from the Biem language group recently told the NTM missionary Brandon about a visit he had with an Interface student from Germany.

The believer said, “ my friend (the interface student) couldn’t speak our language and that was very hard. We communicated with signs and some broke talking, but I don’t think he understood all that I wanted to share with him. He’d say ‘yes yes’ but I don’t think he really got it. But you(Brandon) told us that his faith stands on Jesus Christ alone, and because I know that, God has used our time together to strengthen me. Before I would think of my brothers and sisters around the world, but I’d never seen one. To know they are out there is good, but now to see one face to face and know that later I will see that very boy in heaven because our beliefs are one—this strengthens my faith so much! It makes me want to stand strong. This visit of theirs has carried very good food (idiom for born much fruit).
Now that is some fine communication and encouraging food for thought!

At the Connection Center this summer amongst other responsibilities we have held 2 pre-field orientation programs. The first program was held at the end of June and into July and was for new associate missionaries, who will be serving overseas. There will be two couples going to South America, two couples to Papua New Guinea and one single lady to Mexico. The orientation at the end of the July was for missionaries serving stateside at the USA office and the NTM Bible Institute in Wisconsin. One of the missionaries said in an email about the orientation time, “We learned a ton. Excited and thankful to link arms with these people”.
This September we are planning to travel to the west coast. We are looking forward to seeing our moms and our kids who are in California, Arizona and Washington. Also, we are hoping to see friends we weren’t able to visit last year. Would you please pray for us and the car that we will hold up well on the journey.  Thank you!


Thank you for linking with us in continued prayer and financial support . You are greatly appreciated in this team effort of reaching remote people groups for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Together with you for Him,
Dave & Diann