Dear Friends and Family,

Just been sitting here reminiscing, as it is two years today, since Doug and I moved into this lovely home.  I have been home from my trip to the States, just one week.  It has been a good time of catching up with my girls, and the grand children…  celebrated Roxanne’s birthday, and having a farewell for Raylea.


Yesterday, Raylea, Rhesa and Bobby’s 2nd daughter, left for Bible School in the States.  She will be in Jackson, Michigan.  Monday was an exciting day when the cardiologist said he was not concerned about her rapid heart beat – could see no other medical reason to pursue more tests or surgery, so Raylea came home and packed her bags to leave the next morning!!!

I have a large blister on the palm of my right hand to show the many hours I spent in the front yard – weeding!!  Saturday morning, Courtney, the 18 year old ‘girl nextdoor’ came and worked alongside of me for more than 2 hours.  He father then came down and cut back the mandarin tree and other bushes, THEN mowed the grass!  How thankful I am for such GREAT neighbours.

Also back into the ‘swing’ of craft, walking grand children to school, scrap booking, Bible Study will be here tonight, shopping, visiting and the list goes on.  Tomorrow I will be going with a friend to a hospital to cut her sister-n-law’s hair.  So altho’ I have found the house quiet and empty, I have many other activities and of course, there is always a little house work to do, and many projects (like completing a couple of quilts) to keep me busy.

However, I again thank the Lord for the WONDERFUL trip I had and the opportunity to visit so many friends, and express thanks from both Doug and myself for the many years of their prayer and practical support.  Which brings me to another project… to sift through the photos to make a presentation album of those 9 weeks.

Well, I am meant to be walking this morning….  Altho’ it has been raining!!!  In the 7 days I have been home, there have been sun shiny days, and some overcast days..   some COLD nights, and others more comfortable.  Thanking the Lord for a warm comfortable home.  May this short note find you each resting in God’s grace today.