First trip to the Village

I went out in the afternoon about 2.30 PM. The people were glad to see me back. I saw Janet then Mena and Kokere came out of their place and greeted me. I spent over an hour with them. Kokere showed me the translations that he had and said that they would like to have teaching in their language again. He said that they don’t meet as a group anymore. Mena told me that she reads now. While I was with them Jonson came and talked for a while.

Next I went down to Buka’s place. I went up to his house and he came out crying and held onto me crying. We went into his house and he had a desk with all the translations, lessons, a notebook and the pidgin phase 4 lessons scattered around on it. It was obvious that he has been studying the lessons and the translations. I then walked to where the people were gathered and met quite a few of the village people as well as Kotile, Michael, Merena and Heti. I didn’t get to talk much with Heti.

Wendy is going out with me tomorrow so she will probably do a write-up on it sometime and send it out.

With love from
David and Wendy