Dear family and friends,

It was SO GOOD to see and talk to many of our family members and friends while we were on vacation during the month of May! We’re also so grateful for the beautiful additions to our family, namely Summer, and her parents, Robin and Pam! Trey did his calculations and we went 2,500 miles by car and 13,000 miles by air. Whew!

Ryan’s graduation class was the largest in California Baptist University (CBU) history, and Ryan and Summer’s wedding was just beautiful and perfect! It was in a gorgeous, Southern California outdoor setting with a sunflower theme and had so many touches that displayed their unique and winsome personalities! We also had the privilege of spending time in Newport Beach with Trey’s parents, San Diego with cousins, as well as Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Muir Woods with our sons.


We traveled to Austin, Texas, the day the newlyweds left for their Caribbean cruise, and got to stay with Elise’s parents for a week. Once again, we got to see and talk with more family and friends both in Austin, Ft. Worth, and Weatherford, Oklahoma as we did a side trip to Marshall, Texas with Bret to see his new campus at East Texas Baptist University and allow Bret to meet with the registrar and professors. We were able to meet the basketball coaches and are so thankful for the opportunity Bret has at ETBU! It was an outstanding visit!

We are overwhelmed at how God has been so faithful to our family over the years and ask that you continue to pray for us in these tangible ways:

  1. Ryan and Summer – adjustment to married life and preparation for their new adventure to Dalian, China where Ryan will teach English at a local University and Summer will continue with her classes online through CBU.
  2. Bret – wisdom in the specific degree plan to study at ETBU and preparation for the move to Marshall, Texas in the middle of August.
  3. Trey – wisdom and guidance as he plans an annual meeting for personnel from 10 countries in Germany the first week of August and discernment of ministry needs in Slovakia in which he can play an active role in fulfilling.
  4. Elise – boldness in sharing the gospel and spiritual encouragement with those whom she meets, mentors, and supervises; the helpmate Trey needs.
  5. Please ask that all FIVE of us will walk closely with our Father and not be satisfied with anything less than Him being our first LOVE!

In His Love,

Trey and Elise