Dear Friends and Family,

Please remember Elise today and tomorrow as she is in Slovenia meeting with the team there.

We had great Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, although we missed being with our sons and extended families. God’s grace in sufficient! We did have a nice surprise, however, when we were visited by Trey’s brother and girlfriend on December 29-30th! Our holidays were very eclectic with a Swedish/Brazilian Christmas Eve with our neighbors, an American Christmas Eve and Christmas with our colleagues, and a Slovak New Year’s Day with friends from our church!


Trey has begun the responsibility of being the Euro Central Cluster Strategy leader until we go on our stateside assignment in October of 2015. This brings with it an increased administrative load. Please pray for God’s strength and enabling to carry out this role while maintaining necessary boundaries for health.

Elise was able to attend a baby shower for her Slovak best friend, who now lives about 4 hours away in Lucenec, as well as visit a colleague in Vienna. God continues to place many young ladies in Elise’s life that she has the privilege of befriending and encouraging in their spiritual lives. Please read the following and lift these requests up in prayer:

1. Please pray God would convict my friend, M., of her need to repent and place her faith completely into Jesus’ hands. Pray that as they read the Bible together, the seed would be planted in fertile ground and she would grow to know God intimately.

2. Thank God Elise had the opportunity to befriend and share the gospel with D. while on the train! Ask that D. would have the desire to meet with Elise again and that God’s lovingkindness would lead D. to repentance.

3. Pray for Z. to grow in her love for the Lord and hunger for His Word as Elise disciples her. Thank God Z. has made a commitment to meeting regularly with Elise, after 7 months of asking and waiting. Elise would encourage you to not give up on people and to continue to pursue them with love and grace, just as our Savior does with His creation.

Elise will be traveling to Slovenia and would ask you to pray for her and the team. Ask that Team Slovenia would come with open hearts and minds as Elise co-leads a Grip Birkman Team Build on February 1-2. Ask for God’s wisdom, discernment and understanding as Kaye Martin and Elise lead this workshop and that God would be glorified in all that is said and done.

Trey and Elise are looking forward to enjoying the graduation festivities at California Baptist University in May when Ryan graduates with a degree in Political Science. We are thankful that he got an internship with a congressman in Riverside for this semester and seems to really be enjoying his classes. Bret is in the thick of classes and basketball season. His team (Southwestern Oklahoma State University – SWOSU) is #1 in the Great American Conference!

Ask that both Ryan and Bret would persevere in their studies as well as seek to be led by the Lord as they have many decisions to make regarding their future.

Thanks so much for your love and prayers!

In His Love,

Trey and Elise