Dear Family and Friends,

It’s been awhile since you have heard from us! We are hoping to get this newsletter to you ‘just under the wire’ as we do want to keep you up to date on our news on a monthly basis.

We have made trips to Poland, Slovenia, and Hungary since we have last communicated with you to visit our colleagues and their places of service. It has been so insightful and encouraging to see them in their ministry settings, meet their ministry partners and pray with them! Thankfully, Trey and I enjoy traveling, but I think we need to slow our pace down just a bit. Four trains, five cars, one bus and two airplanes may be a bit much in five days!


Thank YOU!!!

Thanks SO MUCH for your support (financially and in so many other ways!), love and prayers on behalf of our family. We count each of you as a blessing in our lives!

We continue to enjoy our new city, apartment, friends, neighbors and colleagues here in Bratislava. We truly feel blessed! We must admit, however, that we don’t really enjoy our new language. It’s tough! We had an interesting experience, though, when we went to Slovenia. We used to cringe when we heard the Slovenian language as it sounded so strange to us in comparison to Croatian. Now, on the other hand, Slovenian sounds like music to our ears in comparison to Slovak! Slovenian has many more similarities to Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian than to the languages of Czech, Slovak and Polish! Thus, music to our ears!!

So far this year, we have remained healthy except for Trey’s case of the stomach flu. Thanks so much for your prayers in this regard. We would continue to covet your prayers for health and safety as our travel schedule will pick up again in March after a few weeks of being home.

Ryan is really enjoying his upper level Political Science classes, volleyball class, and playing intramural soccer. We are thankful that he has also found a church that he is attending regularly with two students that he knew as MK’s (Missionary Kids) while living in Europe. God is so good! He has been in two publications this month in relation to his internship at the American Embassy in Croatia this past fall. Check them out at:

Bret is also taking his required upper level classes in English and is finally feeling challenged in college. I think our sons’ intense IB (International Baccalaureate) program in High School spoiled them! Although the Basketball season is almost over, we are thankful that

Bret got 10 minutes of playing time in the game before the final game of the season!! He filled the stat sheet and played well! We hope this is a sign of things to come and he will get many opportunities at SWOSU (Southwestern Oklahoma State University) to demonstrate just how well he can play. Yay! The season will conclude with the GAC (Great American Conference) Basketball Tournament (March 8-10).

Please Pray the Following for Our Family
  • Grip Birkman (GB)Team Building Workshop – March 5-6 – Elise is coleading with one of our colleagues, Kaye, for our IMB Slovak Team. Please pray for unity, love and grace to ABOUND!
  • Lead TSL (Team Strategy Leadership) meeting – March 18-20 – Trey is meeting with these men in Brno, Czech Republic. Pray for clear vision, purpose and encouragement as they seek to lead our teams in an effective manner in order to extend God’s Kingdom in Central Europe.
  • Bret – Pray for protection as he plays Basketball and that he would stay up with classes even while he has road trips for Basketball. Ask that he would continue to have a positive attitude as a team player and that he would desire to follow the Lord wholeheartedly.
  • Ryan – Pray that he would have a continued desire for Christian fellowship, church attendance, and a deeper, daily walk with the Lord. Ask for God’s wisdom in upcoming decisions as to what to do this summer, when to graduate, where and when to go to graduate school, etc.