Dear Family and Friends,

Well, summer has flown by as it always does! We hope each of you have had a summer filled special memories of times with family and friends. We were so blessed to have Bret come and visit us here in Bratislava!


He stayed with us for 7 days and also visited his ‘homeland’ of Croatia for 6 days.

It was a wonderful time together and so hard to say goodbye!

Pray that Bret would make choices that foster his walk with the Lord and for wisdom, as well as discipline, as he begins his third year at Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU).


Also, ask for his protection from injury as he trains for and plays college basketball at SWOSU.

Speaking of time flying by, Ryan is in his Senior year at California Baptist University (CBU)! We are so proud of how well he has done in adjusting to life in America (He even has a California girlfriend!) and that he has been so diligent in his studies as he should graduate in May of 2014. He will graduate after only 4 years with a major in Political Science and a minor in Global Studies. Pray for Ryan to make decisions that are in cooperation with God’s plan for his life as he finishes his studies at CBU.


Trey and I were in Bratislava for most of the month of August (which sure has helped my Slovak!) except for one trip to visit Team Slovenia. It was a very productive trip and I would encourage you to put Slovenia on your list of places to see in Europe. It is known as the ‘hidden gem of Europe.’ We’ve not ever had much time to explore its beauty, but hope to in the future!

Please remember these things in prayer for Trey and Elise this month:

  • Continued fostering of excellent communication and health on all 14 teams in Central Europe through team visits, Grip Birkman coaching and Team Builds, etc.
  • Wisdom for Elise and teachable hearts as she witnesses to Martina and disciples Stelli, Zuzka, and Stela.
  • Wisdom for Trey as he witnesses to three young men and for their salvation.

Once again, thank you for your amazing support of our ministry in Central Europe and love for our family.

In His love,

Trey and Elise