Dear Praying Friends,

Rejoice with us about the report that we got from the doctor today. The doctor said that he could not find anything wrong with Steve’s right rotator cuff today. God has answered prayer again. Praise the Lord! The doctor said that Steve has been working too hard repeatedly. This has not allowed any time for natural healing to take place.

Steve will have an outpatient surgery this coming Thursday, called a DeQuervains release, on his left thumb tendon. Thank you for your prayers that this will relieve his ongoing pain, since August.

Sandy’s medical procedures will be the following week after Steve’s surgery. We pray for normal test results.

Today we had some real vanilla ice cream. We had forgotten just how good real ice cream is. The top “ice cream” sold in Papua New Guinea does not have any dairy products in it.

Baby Levi was supposed to have surgery to close a hole in his heart. He is over 2 pounds now and still struggles with everyday life. Please continue to pray for his health to improve.

Thank you all for your prayers,
Steve and Sandy