Dear Friends and Family,

Well, back in the West….. last night the girls and I had dinner together, thinking of our dear husband and father who was promoted to heaven two years ago.

The flight from Cairns to Perth, Tuesday night, was FULL… and I was in the very last row… quite ‘squished’… but we arrived home safely, and always thankful to have my feet on ‘terra firma’… and Rhesa was there at the airport to meet and greet me… and had my car in the parking lot to drive myself home.

It is quiet after 3 months of constant company and activity… it is also a little cooler.. and I am glad for a jacket a large part of each day. My home was lovely and clean, the gardens well looked after… but someone was lurking around one evening….. and disappeared.. but we wonder if her was the one who came back and took two of the plants and planters off the front porch…

Tomorrow I will be travelling down to Rhesa’s…. having a ‘ladies luncheon’ and Rhianah is the hostess… before lunch, I hope to get to a shop and purchase the needed material for Raylea’s wedding quilt, AND in the afternoon, Bobby will help me book my plane tickets to the States, for the July wedding. Next Tuesday I will resume having Gregan each Tuesday afternoon while Raewyn is working, and from time to time, will have the van Leen children, too.

Thank you for your prayers.

Love in Him, Bev