April 1, 2016, and this ain’t no joke!


 Missions’ conference is behind us again for another year. I don’t know that anything earth shaking occurred, but I think the Lord was blessed.

The students returned last night from a six-day trip to the interior Navajo Reservation (Chinle, Arizona). The work group from Hillside will remember Johnny Glover and his church where we visited the Sunday they were here. Half the students worked on the church building and the other half assisted Johannah Charley, a 2005 graduate of IBC.

Johannah recently joined United Indian Missions (UIM) and continues to minister in her home area. Both her parents served with UIM before they passed away. Her mother was killed a number of years ago in a roll-over car accident and her father was promoted to heaven recently. Johannah was featured in an IBC newsletter insert in the spring 2015 issue. She continues to minister among youth and elderly as she did serving alongside her dad until he passed away.

While the students were on their trip, those of us who stayed behind worked on things related to accreditation: drafting a teaching position statement, and making plans for curriculum revision. I know it sounds boring but it’s really not!

Term two is now a memory as well. I’ll include a few photos from classes I oversaw that encourage student creativity in ministry. I am off for this coming week for spring break and then we launch into term 3.

Video production class

Photography class

Wood carving class

Please join me in praying for the following:

  • That the students and staff will be refreshed and infused with renewed vision after some time off (including myself).
  • That God would protect all the prospective students in the application process and that those of His choosing will complete the process, be accepted, and join us in the fall.