Dear Praying Friends and Supporters,

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support of our ministry for Christ. Because, without Him, we can do nothing! He has asked us to pray that more laborers will be sent.

We are temporarily based in Winston-Salem, through April, to finish reporting to our supporters in this area of the nation. We then will return to our home base in Kansas City, MO. Please pray for safety as we travel.

Through various circumstances, in Papua New Guinea, we saw that God was trying to show us that He was closing the door on our aviation work. We came home four months early due to medical needs.

Steve’s carpal tunnel surgery has prevented any further nerve damage. However, the nerve damage has left his fingers partially numb. Right now, Steve has trigger finger in his left ring finger that gives him pain daily. Thank you for your concern and prayers for God to heal this, or for God’s strength for him to carry this burden.

Sandy’s eye pressures have been a little higher than her normal pressure. Her doctor is watching this closely and may need to start a different treatment if the pressure continues to be high. Her eyes have been feeling different lately. Thank you for including this as a part of your prayers for her.

Due to the need for English to Pidgin translation work, our ABWE field wants us to return to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to do translation work. However, God has led us to the USA for this time in our lives. Our mission administrator suggested that we check with Bible International (BI) to see if we could be on loan to them, to assist them with their ongoing Pidgin Bible translation.

We contacted BI and shared with them our desire to be available to assist them with their PNG Bible translation. They have no one with vast experience in the Pidgin language like we have, to assist them.

BI has sent us the English to Pidgin translation of the book of Philippians. They would like for us to check this work for readability and accuracy. We will begin this work after we finish our reporting time here in the southeast. Please pray that we will have wisdom and His peace – the same peace that we had to leave PNG after twenty years of ministry there – to labor in providing an accurate Bible translation for the people of Papua New Guinea.

This may be the open door that we have been praying about, for our ongoing future ministry, here in the USA.

Many of you have asked about Medlin. Here is a prayer update that we received last week from her husband:

Sori stret long mi ino toksave kwik, laptop bilong mi igat hevi na mi stretim pinis. Yes…tenkyu long prea na Medlin kamap orait pinis tasol blood pressure bilong em istap antap yet na wok long dring marasin.

He is sorry that he did not answer right away, but his computer was not working but now it is. Yes, thank you for your prayers. Medlin is ok, but her blood pressure is very high and she is still taking medicine to lower it.

Soma is a Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC) education major student. She is one of the eight who will be going out for a mini three week practical during their school break. She has asked us to pray for safety and for a good experience during this training exercise.

GBBC coffee packet prices have changed. New prices: 1 @ $15; 5 @ $12 each; 10 @ $10 each. This coffee is organically grown on our Bible college campus, picked, processed by our students, and packed as ground or as whole bean coffee. Every cent of the funds goes toward defraying their student tuition costs. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing some of Papua New Guinea’s finest coffee.

Listening for the trump and praying,
Steve and Sandy Aholt