Dear friends,

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and support. I appreciate each one of you so much. These days have been busy and exhausting, but I am thankful for the Lord’s continued grace every day.

A few days ago, I received upsetting news from our village. One of our young Bible teachers and his wife had a fight which resulted in the husband trying to commit suicide 2 times in 2 days. Apparently she threatened to leave him and he was overcome by grief. This whole situation has come as a huge shock to all of us as this young couple has been doing so well. In fact they were just about ready to join our Mengen missionary team and move to our outreach village. Needless to say, the past few days have been emotionally draining as I try to do what I can to help from a distance. I am so thankful for these days of modern technology which allows me to call on my mobile phone and speak directly to friends in our village! So crazy to be calling right into this jungle location, with birds chirping, chickens squawking, babies crying, and people laughing in the background!! Not sure how many hours I’ve spent on the phone this last week, but yesterday I talked for over 3 hours with various ones.

Please keep this young couple in your prayers. Pray too for the other Bible teachers and believers who are seeking to help in this situation. It has been great to see them stepping up with counsel and help for this couple, but no doubt it has been a stretching time for them.

And….in the midst of all of this turmoil, we are gearing up for our annual conference here at Hoskins. It is exciting to see nearly 70 visitors arriving to join us for a couple of weeks. Many of them are friends which I haven’t seen in years, so it’s really fun for me to catch up with everyone. I’ve also been on the conference planning committee, organizing and decorating and formatting the schedule, etc! Whew, so much work to be done!! This week alone, I am expecting to have 23 people over for food and fellowship!

Then just one day after conference end, I will be starting into my BIG Translation Check!!!! I’ll be checking 7 books of the Mengen New Testament with the assistance of our translation consultant Wayne. There are also 3 Mengen believers coming out to help with this project, so I’m looking forward to seeing them again and catching up in person on all the events which have happened since the last time I saw them in December. Once this translation check is over, we will have completed 52% of the New Testament, which is a huge step for us. On top of that, we are working on another 20%, so it is encouraging to see progress being made!

Just 4 days after the whirlwind of conference and my translation check, I’ll be heading home for 10 weeks! I am SO excited to see everyone again and to have a break from all the busy-ness of life here in PNG! It won’t be overly relaxing for me, as I cover “coast to coast,” hitting 3 locations in 10 weeks. However, it will be wonderful to spend a short time with everyone during my mini “break.”

Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers. You are such a blessing to me.