Dear family and friends,

Greetings in the Name of Jesus! With spring, comes Easter. Resurrection Sunday is my favorite holiday of the year! As a Christian, we have so much to celebrate! Christmas is nice. It is truly amazing that God sent His Son down to Earth in order to bridge that gap that was caused by the fall, way back in the book of Genesis. His coming to Earth was just the beginning. It was His words on the cross “It is finished” that gives the solution to our sin problem. We continue to rejoice in His finished work on the cross. Wow! This really is the greatest message ever told. This is the very reason Christ has left us here on this earth. He still has a job for us to do. This is why Brad and I are part of New Tribes Mission. We desire to be a part of His plan in reaching a lost world with the precious good news of the gospel of Christ. Over the years this job has taken us to the countries of Thailand and Papua New Guinea. Now we are in Florida, but still working for the same Lord and still desiring to be part of the team going out into all the world reaching lost souls that so desperately need Him.

I can hardly believe that our school year will soon be coming to a close. Our last day of classes for Lake Monroe Christian Academy (LMCA) will be on Wednesday May 20th. As I look over my lesson plans and count up the days, it really is not all that far away. There is a field trip planned between now and then. We will have an end of year “graduation” (May 13th). We have an end of year school party on our schedule. My fifth grade students are in the middle of writing a play in our English class. They are working in teams and rewriting one of Aesop’s Fables. They are presently in the revising stage in the writing process. There is a chapter test once all of the writing has been edited and the final copy “published.” We are finishing up the chapter 14 about the continent of Europe in our history and geography class. This means that there will also be a chapter test over the material covered. I will then introduce them to the country/ continent of Australia. There are 3 more spelling lessons (words with Greek and Latin roots) to cover yet before we close out the school year. As you can see, we still have some ground to cover. This is not the easiest thing to do, considering the fact that my students are beginning to check out on me. After all we really are close to the end of the school year.

Brad is keeping busy in his office doing all the financial things that need to be done. The west wing of our Assisted Living Facility was recently completed. The old chapel was renovated and 6 more rooms are now completed. Three of our elderly residents who have been living in independent housing (duplexes) have moved into the “new” facilities. Another resident plans to move in tomorrow. These ladies range in age from 86 to 92 years. They have served in Brazil and Paraguay for a total of 154 years between the 4 families. That is a whole lot of years! Each one of these widows is happy to be moving into the assisted living facility where they can go to the dining room for their meals, have someone clean their room and wash their clothes. Only one of these ladies is still driving. This means that staff members will be available to drive them to doctor’s appointments and help take care of any other business that needs to be done. Of course this means that Brad will be involved. The money to pay for things comes out of someone’s account and needs to be credited to a different account.

Please pray:
  • I will finish the school year in a way that honors our Lord. (Wanda)
  • Students will finish the race and not “quit” before they reach the finish line. (1st – 5th graders)
  • Our new Assisted Living Facility residents will adjust well to the changes.
  • Our care team here needs to determine who should move into the other 2 Assisted Living Facility rooms. (These rooms have yet to be allocated.)
  • Brad will be accurate in all he does with numbers, amounts and accountants.

We are thankful for YOU!

By His grace,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull

This photo was taken at our County Fair event last month. Among other things our retired folks (and some staff members) set up displays for all to see. The doll house pictured was a childhood treasure of the lady in the center of the photo.