The face of missions has gradually been changing. In the past, missions involved a Western missionary leaving their homeland to go overseas. Today, we see more and more national people becoming missionaries to reach their own people. In reality, these national missionaries are far more effective, having grown up in the country they serve. Mexican missionaries we fly for have great potential to reach even farther into the mountains with the use of the airplane. Help us expand their reach by providing critical air support. $300 covers one flight for these pastors. Would you, your Sunday School class, or youth group, consider funding a flight or part of a flight on a monthly or one time basis? At this point we see a need of 10 flights a month.

Team News

  • Brent and Holly Dodd are new teammates! They will be stationed in Mexico, working in a village ministry.
  • Bryon, our administrator, has just returned home after his 3rd major surgery since September. Please pray for encouragement and healing
  • The guys need to replace the fuel tank of the plane in Tepic due to a leak. Pray for safety and wisdom as Paul overseas maintenance on the planes to ensure safe passage for the many flights UIMA does each month to village ministries.

Family News

  • Five of our family had the flu last month! Not fun, but there was one day that was exciting. Paul was SICK (use your imagination) and I decided to wash every single piece of cloth that could possibly be holding germs. I had the first load started, 6 huge piles in the hall waiting. . . and the washer died! I now know how to change out a washer. In my defense, I thought I had turned off the water! (I can see you grinning!) My yelling “turn it off!” over and over had Paul out of bed and holding onto the wall as he tried to help us stop the flood! Matthew told his friend “NEVER trust a woman when it comes to water hoses!” Ha! Life is never boring here, and we thank you for your prayers for our health and safety even in the fun!
  • In January, after 11-1⁄2 years in the USA, Laurel returned to Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa with her Mom. She spent 21⁄2 weeks there with her sister and family. She had a chance to see some of the ministries and ex- perience Africa once again. (It is a lot like living in a sauna with yummy food, strange and yucky smells, and various animals.) It was a much needed time of refreshment and rest. For more pictures check out our Facebook.
  • Bethany graduates from High school in May! She is leaving on a 5-month missions trip the first week of July, headed to Germany. She will be working in the Word of Life Summer Camp Program. Mid September she will travel to West Africa, where she will be able to experience a vastly different type of life and ministry. This is a super opportunity for her to see overseas family, but we are really going to miss her! If you wish to help with cost for the trip, please let us know.