Hello dear friends and family!

I wanted to send a quick email tonight to update you all on some prayer needs and praises. Thank you for your continued encouragement and support. I often brag that I have the greatest team of prayer and financial supporters that a missionary could ever ask for. God has truly blessed me with ministry partners and friends like you!

 For all who have been praying for our missionary Lorren, I am pleased to say that he was released from the hospital in Miami and was cleared for travel back to Calgary, Canada for recuperation. Plans for his and his wife’s return to the Dominican Republic are still unclear. We are thankful for the excellent medical care that was provided for him here in the country and that our international insurance was able to have him evacuated so quickly when things took a turn for the worse. Thank you for your continued prayers for this situation and the decisions that he and his wife Kari are now facing!

On Friday morning, my roommate’s fan caught on fire in our house. I was out of town and thankfully she was not in her room at the time. Her bed caught on fire and she lost some sheets and clothes but nothing of great importance. Our school staff saw the fire and was able to put it out before it spread to other rooms in the house. We are thankful that the fire took place during the day and not when Nadelly was sleeping in her bed. We are working on scrubbing and cleaning the whole house since it is all covered in a layer of ash and dust (including INSIDE the kitchen cabinets, which is not fun!). However, we clean and wash joyfully as we thank the Lord for His protection and provision!

Last week I gave all 157 of our students math assessments over select “Numbers and Operations” math standards from their curriculum. After grading the tests and compiling the data, I’ve determined that only 15% of our students are passing. This is a discouraging number, but is consistent with our government testing data from previous years and with national data from the country as a whole. This week, it is my goal to meet with each math teacher and come up with an action plan for increasing our student achievement in these important, foundational math standards before the end of the school year. We have until the end of May, and my very lofty goal is that 90% of our students will be passing before the end of the year. With the Lord’s help, we will get there! Please pray for me as I introduce “data-driven decision making” to our teaching staff and strive to improve math education at our school!

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of “Semana Santa” or Holy Week. We take the entire week off of school and our Casa Monte Plata kids will spend the week at our camp out in the country with a group of college students from California. We are looking forward to relaxing, going to the beach, and studying God’s Word with our kids during this very special time of the year. Please pray for our week to be fruitful for the Kingdom!

Love in Christ,