Dear family and friends,

I was planning to write a newsletter at the end of March and include Easter greetings. The time seemed to slip by and now we are well into the month of April. I  received this PDF from our administrator here at NTM Homes and thought that it would be a good thing to share with all of you. Hopefully it will give you a bit of an idea about what it means to have our crew of volunteers here over the winter months. They all seem to know me by name, but I am still working at getting their names down! When you look at the photo of volunteers at the bottom of the page you will know why I am having trouble with this!  One thing for certain they are truly a blessing to the staff here as well as the retired residents.

We do hope you had a blessed Easter.  Easter is my absolute favorite holiday! So much was accomplished at the resurrection. We can have victory over sin on a daily basis! We will one day know the complete reality of this victory.

I will try to write a more personal letter at the end of this month.

By His grace,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull