Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support.  We would not be able to minister here without your support!  We have two leads on selling the airplane.  Please pray that it would sell in God’s perfect timing.

Early one morning, Manum, our neighbor, asked Steve to take his daughter to the hospital.  She died that same morning from tuberculosis.  TB is the #1 killer here in Papua New Guinea.  Manum then asked Steve to help get the coffin, transport the body for the burial, and perform the funeral service.  Steve was able to clearly present God’s plan of salvation and the fate that awaits all who are not prepared spiritually.  Please pray that these family members and friends would accept God’s offer of salvation to all who believe.

The Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC) is on Easter break.  The Junior and Senior students are going out on their 12 week practical assignments, in locations around Papua New Guinea.  Please pray that they would be a blessing to the respective churches where they are going and that the churches would be a blessing to them.

The religious instruction class (RI Class) at the Goroka International School is going well.  We have been mentoring two GBBC students who have been teaching the class each Thursday.  Baing (Buy-ing) has been teaching and has seen several students trust Christ for salvation.  Kua (Koo-ah) has been helping him and doing counseling.  Baing will continue teaching the RI Class as part of his practical assignment with Goroka Baptist Church.  We would like to see a second class started to disciple the new believers.  Please continue to pray that this teaching opportunity will become an indigenous ministry with GBBC students.

Today, 15 April, our granddaughter Coralee’s 8th birthday, is the first day of our annual ABWE Easter Camp that is held on the GBBC campus.  The circus type tent has been put up with the theme “20/20 Vision – Seeing Things Clearly”.  The Eastern Highlands Pastors, owners of the tent, are allowing us to use it for free.  Praise the LORD!  The camp will finish up on Saturday the 20th.  Possibly 400 campers will arrive from around the country.  These are students who have at least finished grade 6, and any older single students.  The camp fee is 50 kina or about US$25.  We have the privilege of helping 4 youth from the Goroka area with their camp fees.  These youth have agreed to come to our house and work to pay back the loan or dinau (dee-now).  There will be more students coming from the remote Bundi area.  They will be traveling for 1 ½ days to get to Goroka.  Some of these will pay as much for transportation costs as what the camp fee is initially.  We have agreed to help them also. We do not know how many of them will be coming for sure, but your faithful support will allow us to help minister to them, to help them come and fellowship with other Christian youth from around the country this week.  Please pray for these students to have spiritual “20/20 Vision – Seeing Things Clearly” and allow the Holy Spirit of God to work in their lives this week – for Christians to be strengthened in their faith, salvation for those lost, and others to deal with sin issues that are hindering their spiritual growth.

During camp this week, the owner’s son along with the general manager of the K.K. Kingston Company will be visiting the GBBC campus.  This company manufactures Tuffa Tanks here in PNG.  They will be in Goroka and want to survey the needs that we have on campus for rain water storage tanks.  Rain water is the only source of drinking water at this location.  Please pray that these men will give us good advice about our needs and that they would be willing to give us a discounted price on their products.  Thank you Concord Bible Church for giving toward the need for one tank to meet the water retention needs at a remote church.  You alone have responded financially, for this need.

The Sunday after camp (the 21st) Steve has been asked to speak at Goroka Baptist Church.  Pastor Steve Ottio has a vision for Unity in the church, so Steve will be preaching Ephesians chapter 4.  Yesterday, Steve had planned to speak at Hosana Baptist Church.  It rained heavily on Saturday night and it was still cloudy and raining in the morning.  The pastor said that if it rains the roads will not be good as that area is red clay.  Their mountain road has not been graded for years.  There are two bridges on the way, also, and he said that some of the wooden planks were rotted.  Steve decided to not make the trip yesterday. Please pray that people would respond as the Holy Spirit does the work to reprove, rebuke and exhort individuals.

The 28th we depart Goroka to go to Cairns, Australia.  Sandy is due for her annual field vision eye tests for her glaucoma.  This specialized testing is not available here in Papua New Guinea.  Sandy’s eyes have been doing well.  Thank you for your prayers.  Steve will be going along also to get an MRI procedure.  He had a fall on 22 February and bumped his upper back where that top big vertebrae stick out a little.  The doctor here wants him to get an MRI to insure that there is no hidden damage.  The pain has lessened with anti-inflammatory and Tylenol twice daily, but if a dose is missed the pain is still prevalent.  We plan to return to Goroka on May 21st.  Please pray for safe flights and what we feel would be good results from Sandy’s tests and Steve’s MRI procedure.

Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt