Dear friends and family,

Well I had such plans for today –(Wednesday) and altho’ everything changed, it was still very enjoyable. I had also planned on finishing this email yesterday, as it is now Thursday, but I was just TOO weary to finish it last night.

 Tuesday night, the home group met here and it was so lovely to have folk here, and the fellowship sweet. Just as everyone was about to leave Doug called me, and to cut a long ‘story’ short, there was blood in his urine. So off we went to the hospital. I expected them to say he needed some anti biotics, and then he would be sent home. That is not how it happened. He was admitted to hospital, and I came home.

I had invited a number of folk to come and have a ‘cuppa’ and greet Doug for his birthday. At one stage there were 7 of us having a lovely morning tea here at the house – and Doug was absent from his birthday celebration. Unfortunately, there were others who came later in the day and the house was empty. To you dear folk I do apologize I didn’t alert you in time.

I spent a number of hours at the hospital yesterday, took Doug his birthday cards and gifts, and managed to make three rooms festive!! He was admitted to Ward 62 (the ward that had a BED available), then later in the afternoon, moved up to Ward 73, however, it was the furtherest from the nurse’s station, so quite late in the day, he was moved from room # 12 to room #5 but still in ward 73. I am still expecting to bring him home today or tomorrow – but haven’t spoken to the doctor yet.
So, Doug had a full week at home, before he had to return to the hospital It was GOOD to have him home, but there were some ‘rough’ times of getting him settled and me into a routine of showers, medicines, tube feeding etc. WE have already had a number of “spills” on the bedroom carpet, even though I have a large plastic mat at the side of the bed!! We had just gotten a home service in place Tuesday afternoon, and that has been suspended until he returns home. I guess the Lord continues to stretch us, and impresses on me, how much easier life is, when one is flexible!!

Our granddaughter, Hannah celebrated her 7th birthday on Tuesday, RAewyn had a birthday last week, and two of Renee’s children have birthdays a little later in April. We are so thankful to God for the lovely family He has blessed us with and grateful for some wonderful friends. Thank you each one, for the part you play in our lives, and for your prayers, emails and encouragement.

Until the next bit of news. Love in Him, Bev for Doug, too