Trust you are doing well. For me, this has been the year for computer woes. Had a hard drive fail and because I’m so cheap I fooled around and used another hard drive I bought cheap from Craigslist only to have it now fail. Am presently using an old, OLD hard drive with Vista as I wait for my new “cheap” computer to arrive then start to build it up with all my files and programs. I hate to upgrade as it’s a whole new learning curve and I’m not that quick to learn new tricks. Speaking of quick, my Quicken program is from 1998. Anyway, I should survive the upgrade.

We rarely leave the island of Oahu but I took a day trip to Kauai and spoke at a little Bible College. It is unique because zoning restricts them from building permanent buildings so everyone lives in tents. They were rejoicing as they just got electric (from their own power source) into the lady’s dorm tent; reminded me of our days in missionary training and living in the village in PNG. I tell people I was able to get Joan to stay so long because I built her a dream house … as it had an indoor toilet it was a dream for Joan!

News from PNG always sounds challenging. The works continue and some of the believers are doing well while others struggle; very similar to Christians in America. I had a guy contact me about taking a team to PNG but that interest has died down. I mentioned it in my prayer letter but no one responded and I’m not sure I want to bolster its revival. Have I become too comfortable being 10 minutes from 3 separate Walmart stores or am I slowing down as I get older???

One family living on a small island has decided to get their own boat to do supply runs. They have purchased a sail boat and are getting training to operate it. I wonder if this was a good plan but then I’m sure there were many that questioned our supply boat plan which worked out very well and was a blessing to many.

With Mariko married and out of the unit we now have more space and lower electric and food bills. Smile Her and Elijah seem to be doing well as he continues to work towards his PhD and she starts her career in HR working at the Hawaii Pacific University.

Finished my taxes before the deadline and was reminded of your faithfulness over the years which allows us the opportunity to pay taxes. So again, Thank YOU for your partnership.


Mark and Joan Reichman