Dear friends and family

We finally have a date for Wendy’s eye specialist appointment. It is Saturday the 16th (two weeks from today) in Rockhampton. At this appointment it will be decided if she needs an operation on one or both of her eyes and a date will be set for that. Please pray that the Lord will give the specialist wisdom to know the best procedure. No word yet from PNG.

This week we will feature:

Heti and Janet

Heti and Janet came faithfully to our first outreach in the village until we were about to start teaching on Jesus’ birth, baptism and His temptation. But unfortunately Heti and Janet had to go to Janet’s home village for the funeral of someone in her family. It was unfortunate because Janet was getting very excited about what she was learning. So they missed out on the crucial part of the teaching and never learned about Jesus dying to pay the price of their sin. David continued teaching the small group of believers until we came home for our ‘home assignment’ in 2007. Heti sometimes came to the fellowship times we had with the believers but having missed out on that crucial part of the message he did not have a clear understanding of the finished work of Christ. After we left for our home assignment Rich, Dawn and their family arrived from their home assignment. They decided to have another outreach in the village and Heti helped Rich with the lessons for that outreach. It was while helping with the lesson preparation that Heti came to a clear understanding of the finished work of Christ on the cross. At the end of that outreach Janet also came to an understanding of the finished work of Christ.

When we came back in 2008 the small fellowship was doing well. Rich translated Acts then we started teaching through Acts. After spending some time teaching on baptism, four of the believers expressed a desire to be baptized. Heti was one of them. After that we started a prayer meeting Wednesday nights and the believers started to talk about doing an outreach in another village. They decided on a village just down the road and we decided to teach the three men who had been baptized to teach this outreach. So we started teaching then slowly brought Heti, Kokere and Buka into doing the teaching. It was while we were doing this outreach that Wendy got sick and we returned home to Australia in 2009. The Fosters left for their home assignment in May 2011 but were unable to return to the field. So there were no missionaries in there until 2012 when David paid a visit there. At that time Heti was teaching on his own but with a little encouragement Kokere and Buka began helping him. We hadn’t heard anything about them since then until last year when we received the news that they were no longer meeting together. Our hearts go out to them and we have a deep desire for them to grow in the Lord and reach out to the whole of the Benabena area. Please pray for them to sort out any differences that they might have and to build each other up in the Lord. Pray for us that we might be able to see them again soon and perhaps encourage them. But God is the “Lord of the harvest” and He is the One who decides on the time for planting and the time for harvesting.

With Christian love from
David & Wendy