Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt in Papua New Guinea,

The table is set. The candles are lit. What is the special occasion? Thirty-one hours without electricity. No warnings – just a shut-down for maintenance. This plunges three provinces into blackout. The electricity is now off again for 13 hours. The problem has been found – misappropriation of funds. Papua New Guinea – Land of the Unexpected. Oh yea! Today is Independence Day for Papua New Guinea.

Thank you for prayers and financial support. You all so faithfully pray and sacrificially give in support of the Lord’s work here in PNG.

The next time that you are waiting in line somewhere, maybe you will look at this “waste of time” in a different way. The last time that Steve was at the bank, he was waiting for over twenty minutes. During that time, Steve shared Christ with a needy soul. Just before the teller was ready for Steve, the man said that he was now trusting in Christ as his Savior. Redeeming the time because the days are evil!

Pastor Frank Gilbert, full-time religious instruction teacher at a local high school and graduate of the Goroka Baptist Bible College, was instrumental in the sale of the mission airplane. Yes, we have sold the airplane. The new owners will use the airplane at this same high school to train nationals to be pilots and mechanics. We agreed to assist the new owners with the necessary inspection for the issue of a new certificate of airworthiness. This process has been delayed four times for a variety of reasons and is now delayed again for two to three more weeks. These mechanics are traveling to Goroka from their maintenance facility in Lae, about four hours by road from Goroka. Steve needs to be present with the workers to provide them with tools and any other parts that are needed.

During this time, we received the results from Steve’s biopsy. He is now a cancer survivor. The borders of the biopsy were clear. He still needs to get checked every six months for the next five years before he can be considered cancer free. Sandy also needs to continue with her glaucoma eye test annually. These tests are not able to be done here in Papua New Guinea. We must schedule and go to another country for these.

In August, we had three guys from Bundi show up at our house and they stayed seven days – Pastor Matthew Taku, Steven and Peter. Steven and Peter are both new believers. They arrived here in Goroka after a three day trip with twenty 60kg bags of coffee, and needed to be stored overnight. That was a week of drying coffee, milling off the parchment and coming up with seventeen 60kg bags of green bean coffee. Green bean coffee is what is then exported, roasted and/or ground. Over 50% of the coffee grown here in Papua New Guinea is now shipped to the USA for resale, due to a draught in Colombia and Viet Nam. We were also able to help pastors from Simbai to sell coffee for them that is flown back to Goroka. Coffee is given to churches as part of their tithe, coffee being a major cash crop here in Papua New Guinea.

The religious instruction classes are held every Tuesday morning from 9-10AM. Gretchen Root has volunteered to teach this class while Steve has been scheduled to work on the airplane. Sandy has assisted her with this class of around 40 students from Kindergarten to middle school age. Please pray for new believers to grow spiritually and for others to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

We still are providing transportation to and from school for three hearing impaired children on Tuesday through Thursday each week. The children have hearing aids now and are learning to talk and use sign language to communicate with others. Please pray that they will not be embarrassed to wear the hearing aids. The elder of the three (28-years-old) can carry on a conversation now with others.

Please pray for a couple and some other guys and gals that we are counseling. God’s Word, when followed, will bring results that will glorify God. Some of these people are on the verge of making life changing decisions.

Steve still has a persistent and worsening condition with his right arm. He is faithfully doing his therapy exercises that seem to be gradually helping. If these symptoms continue until April, we will plan to stop in Australia to have our regular doctor checks and to have Steve’s arm checked by an orthopedic surgeon. Our new insurance will pay 100% of our medical treatments that we receive outside of the USA. Otherwise, there is a large deductible to pay for treatments inside the USA. Please pray as this slow healing and pain in his right arm (tennis elbow and shoulder pain) has really restricted his physical activities.

It is hard to believe that Steve will be 62 during our home ministry, still planned for April 2015. If anyone wants to schedule a tentative date for us to report to your church, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We continue to trust God by faith for tomorrow. God will provide all that we have need of when we continue to seek Him and His righteousness.

Listening for the trump and praying,
Steve and Sandy Aholt