Unexpected change of plans

Mikayla’s back pain continues to be increasingly painful to the point she is struggling to function well at BIOLA University. Although she has been able to keep her grades up, she is often not able to sleep or eat well and has lost weight due to pain. After prayer and consultation with our mission directors we decided it was important for Susan (and Mikenna) to immediately fly to California to be with Mikayla for her next two months of meetings with specialists to determine the cause of her pain. The results of the recent MRIs showed that she may have some sort of autoimmune problem that may be causing slight degenerative problems with her back. On top of that, she has two slipped discs. The doctors are concerned about the degenerative problems and would like to run more tests to determine what may be causing this. It is sad to hear of our daughter struggling in such pain and we want to do everything we can to help her succeed.

Prayer and Praises

  • Please pray for complete healing for Mikayla’s back as she continues to struggle with severe pain while trying to make progress with her senior year at BIOLA.
  • Praise the Lord with us that after our recent translation consultant review, I Corinthians, I Timothy, I&II Thessalonians are now completed and ready to be added to the Hewa Bible. We have now finished 43% of the New Testament, PTL!
  • We are nearly finished teaching through I Corinthians and interest continues to remain high. Please pray hearts are forever changed as they think about these truths for the first time.
  • Praise the Lord with us that some of the new believers burned their spirit dance outfits to publically display their desire to serve only Jesus.
  • Praise the Lord with us that a doctor invited Yanis to his hospital in the town of Tari to train him how to become a government recognized health worker for the Hewa people. Yanis has already completed the first month of his six month medical program.
  • The measles epidemic that hit us so hard the entire month of August is finished now. We are grateful to report there were no deaths in our village, PTL!

Thank you for your love and prayers! We deeply appreciate your part in reaching out to the Hewa tribal people with the Love of Jesus.

Thank you!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna