Dear Friends,

Our one week break passed by all too quickly, and we returned to work on Wednesday. In the finance office, Kathy found a stack of things waiting for her and she jumped back into her routine. I discovered that the two books I had asked to be printed had been done and I got busy on proofreading one of the volumes. They are a simple English version of our Bible Lessons. We already have an order for 100 sets of them. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have them ready to go to print by the end of next week. 


Speaking of books, our 20,000 volumes of Pidgin English Bible lessons which were printed in N Ireland are due to arrive by container this weekend in the coastal port of Lae. We can’t wait to see some of them lined up on a shelf. There will be a 9 volume set of 269 lessons.

We are also working on getting another book ready for the press. It’s a book for leadership development and character building. Pray for finances to print these books.

We already have had 5 requests to hold pastors’ seminars to teach them how to use the lessons properly. Pray for wisdom in scheduling these seminars and for the Word to challenge folks.

We’ll be glad when the translation phase of our work is over and the teaching part of it increases.

  We said that we would come back for two years this term, but we’d like to extend that for 3 additional months. We’ll be 67 by then and we’ll try to assess what the Lord would have us to do. We’re writing to a couple to join our department so our responsibilities will be covered when we’re gone.

  Kathy’s birthday is February 23rd and she’ll catch up with me. At 66, she still doesn’t have any grey hair to speak of. I guess it just shows how easy I am to live with.

  We both had our annual physicals, and we were declared healthy except for a few aches and pains that come with too many candles on our birthday cakes. We are so thankful for the long and full lives God has given us. Pray that we will remain faithful to the end.

January went by so fast that we hardly got to see it.  The Lord bless you.

Love in Christ,

Jim and Kathy Tanner