Dear friend of the Indian Bible College,

What a year we’ve had, filled with challenge and opportunity, struggle and victory, weakness and strength! In II Corinthians 12:9 the Lord tells Paul “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Paul goes on to say that he will boast about his weaknesses and delight in insults, hardships, and persecutions. We’ve definitely seen our share of struggles this year: staff unity challenges, walking several students through the intense “Restorational Discipline” process, and even the loss of several students and a few staff. But through it all, the Lord has been strong and gracious! We persevere because of Him!


This July will mark eight years that we have been serving at Indian Bible College, and I am amazed at the incredible things the Lord is doing in this ministry. From abuse recovery groups to innovative church planting to the continued development of our campus (including a very significant financial donation to improve our library), we are seeing lives change like never before.

See student comments at the end of this letter…

The last week of class was packed full of celebration as we marked the end of the year with promotional trips to three reservations on the same weekend, enjoyed over a dozen presentations at the Student Ministry Showcase, had 12 alumni represented at our Alumni Breakfast, and celebrated with the eight graduates (five Certificates, two Associates, and one Bachelor) at Commencement.

One of the highlights of Commencement weekend was having two Native Christian leaders visit the school for the first time in decades. They were so impressed with what the Lord is doing in students’ lives that they both want to join our Board of Trustees. One commented afterwards: “It is miraculous what the Lord is doing in students’ lives through IBC!”

The school is very active through the summer. As I write this, we have already completed a summer class and are expecting five work teams from mid-June to early August!

The work teams are helping the school reach out to its multi-ethnic neighborhood through neighborhood kids clubs. Seven students are staying on campus this summer to work and do ministry locally and connect with work teams. It will be an exciting summer!

I have two significant prayer requests to share:

  1. We have seen enrollment decrease over the last few years–Would you pray with us for 15 committed and called new applicants for the fall semester?
  2. We are making great progress on accreditation; our first ever accreditation site team visit is scheduled for October 18-20! Would you pray for this important—and costly—step towards accreditation?

Thank you for your prayers and financial support; we couldn’t serve here without you!

Gratefully serving Jesus,

Dr. Jason Koppen
President, Indian Bible College

What students are saying about what they like about IBC:

  • I would say the staff and how much they care and look out for us
  • I don’t get the same love at home …it’s all different…words cannot explain how happy I am here!
  • The students, at first they were my classmates now they are my best friends and don’t know what I’ll do without them
  • I know it’s really small, but small is best
  • The community–for myself I’ve never really had this close of a community/fellowship/reliability in my life besides family. I
  • have a church family but even then I’m not as close to them as I am with my IBC family I have people daily who are here
  • to walk alongside me, guide me, encourage me, correct me & even live life with me