Greetings from this side of the world!

Trust all is well with you. I just returned on Friday from a consultant visit to one of our works on a remote island way to the east of us. We were able to take a couple of our Wana church leaders together with some church leaders from another of our tribal works along with us on this trip as well.


It has been great to be back on this side of the world and rubbing shoulders and ministering together with our brothers and sisters here. Our missionary team on this island we recently visited has a small church plant started so it was good to be able to take some of our believers there to visit these folks. We were privileged to share with them our testimonies and also listen to some of them give their testimonies on how they came to know the Lord. Yes we are all come from differrent tribes, different islands, and different nations but all saved by the same Savior, Jesus Christ. This island is a large island with very few believers so the challenge ahead for this small church is great as they come to maturity and then reach out to rest of this language group.

Tomorrow we have to rise at 04:00 in the morning in order to catch the 06:00 a.m. helicopter flight into the Wana Tribe where we have been ministering for the past 36 years. Needless to say we are looking forward to getting back to our old stomping grounds. We will be holding a “workers conference” for our Wana churches this week with believers from 8 different villages present, teaching from 1 Timothy 1-3. This will be a large gathering which we are really looking forward to. Then on Friday we will be flying up to the village where we lived for a number of years and spending a week there working on Old Testament translation. This will include doing a number of different checks in order to get it revised and in shape for a final check in the future. Needless to say we will really appreciate your prayers for us these next two weeks.

All is well on the home front with Jeanne, the kids, and our parents. We have appreciated your prayers for them as well while I have been gone. Thanks so much!


Ed – in Asia Pacific

The Kodiak refueling after the long flight to the island. We were approximately 3.5 hours in route to this missionary station.


The village called “Sayang Lalet”


The daughter of one of the church leaders.

One of the local laundry mats.

Our consultant team

Meeting with the small church group on Sunday morning.

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