We are keenly aware that one year ago, as we began the school year, a new student decided to end her life. But this is a new year with all new in-coming freshmen. Our hope is in the Lord. We were praying for 15 new students but the Lord saw fit to send 9 full time plus several new part-timers. As far as I know, this it the first time we have had a minority of Navajo incoming students. Nez Pierce, Yakima, Hopi, Creek, Zuni, Modoc, and Klamath are all represented in our incoming freshmen student body. They range in age from 19 to 65, so even though our numbers are relatively small again, they are  quite a diverse group in terms of cultural background and age.


Thank you for your financial and prayer support that enable me to continue to serve here at Indian Bible College. My schedule looks fairly open on paper but I’m not so sure it will actually pan out that way. I’ll be teaching music (7 students enrolled in private lessons at this point), Basic Work Habits, and doing an independent study with two students in Applied Math and Finance. I’m still organizing chapel services, leading music once per week, editing and writing the majority of the newsletter, assisting with organizing the fall conference, teaching Effective Ministry Writing second term, overseeing 5 students in their Christian Service Assignments, and taking a class on World Religions online through Columbia International University. Guess I won’t be getting into much trouble if I keep up with all that. Lord willing, I’ll still have a little time for accreditation documents as well.

Would you pray with us for the following?

  • That all the students would grow, submit to the Lord’s direction, and allow His work in their lives.
  • That God would protect us from, or in the midst of, satanic attacks.
  • That I would be wise in making use of the time God provides, wouldn’t stress over what I cannot do, but would be faithful to do what I can to the best of my ability.

Sorry there are no photos again. The newsletter should be coming out within the next month or so and will include photos of the complete student body, with their prayer requests.

To God be the glory!

Gratefully serving,