Dear Team Members, 

“G’Day” from rainy Central Florida! That, as you would remember, is “Good Day” in Australian lingo!

From our last Update: This school year, on every other Wednesday, after the morning lesson of teaching English as a Second Language, Charlie will be teaching a Bible Study for anyone interested in staying to have the Bible Study and have pizza for lunch. Registration and classes started on September 2nd. He has been looking into teaching chronologically through the Bible, and found a course that a man we know wrote in a book called “The Lamb”. John Cross wrote the information which can be used in teaching ESL students. John is the one our son Ben went to Indonesia with many years ago when John headed up producing a video on the Taliabo people and their journey to finding Jesus Christ as their Savior. Charlie is looking forward to this teaching time, and would appreciate your prayers for him, and for more ESL students to join the class. Last year there was only a few that wanted to stay.


Since our last update, we had this response from Simon and Anni Pyatt who are New Tribes missionaries in Indonesia: “Oh that’s interesting, John Cross was with Ben and made the Taliabo. We have quite a few students here from Taliabo. They all seem to be doing well.”

What exciting news that was to us and our son Ben, who lives in Australia. Simon and Anni are from New Zealand, and did their training in Australia with New Tribes Mission. They work in Indonesia at the school for training Indonesians. Knowing them personally is quite an added bonus Laughing

The Pyatts told us that the first year and a half of this school in Indonesia is a Bible School where they zero in on the Chronological teaching of the Bible. Then the students work in their home church. The second two years is Missionary Training, which uses the same materials that our USA New Tribes Mission uses for their students. The main difference is they don’t have an advanced linguistic course. Anni shared that a Canadian single lady and an Indonesian single lady have just recently teamed up to go into a tribe: both have basically received the same training (even though they did it in different countries).

What joy it is to hear of Taliabo coming to know the Lord as their Savior, and some of them now wanting to serve the Lord to reach the unreached!!

We know Simon and Anni would appreciate your prayers for their involvement in teaching and training others to reach the unreached.

Thank you all for your prayers – some pray, others water, and God gives the increase Laughing ALL PRAISE TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your love and prayers and being part of our lives and those we had a part in training over the years. God Bless and Encourage you as we are a TEAM to reach the unreached with the LORD as our GUIDE!

Thank you for your prayers for our grandson Jayden, in Australia. He is being seen by a pediatrician, who is continuing to run tests to determine what is going on with Jayden’s health. Know Ben and Stephanie appreciate your continued prayers for answers!

All because of Calvary,

Charlie & Cherrie