Happy new school year!

The new Indian Bible College school year is under way and we are excited! We have a great student body that is excited to be at IBC!

The week before the start of school is always interesting, as we are training new leaders and preparing for new student orientation. This year was especially challenging, as many of our new applicants waited until the last possible minute–the last two of the new freshmen were accepted on Wednesday and then came the next day for orientation! We oriented 10 new freshmen and trained 12 student leaders that week; fall enrollment is 29 full-time students and 40 total (with part-time students). Our chapel is packed when we all gather together twice a week–PRAY that we can grow our facilities so we can grow our school! (We had so many guests at yesterday’s “Ministry Fair” chapel that there were some that couldn’t even make it into the room!)

First chapel of the year!

We have been hosting a group of past and present students in our home on Monday nights; these Native brothers and sisters are all passionate about planting a church and Sarah and I are coaching and training them. In addition to this, Sarah is taking two Native ladies through a process of healing from abuse (she went through training for this over the summer) AND leading a discipleship group on Fridays (in addition to home-schooling a first-grader and kindergartener!) pray for Sarah that the Lord would use her mightily in these ways and that she would not be burned out by it all. I am so thankful to have a true ministry partner for a wife!

Our new Academic Dean (Kevin) is doing great; he really is committed to the school and we are working well together. The transition and training process we have in place will last most of this semester, but by January he should be fully functioning and I will be fully focused on being the president of the Indian Bible College!

One final prayer request: the enemy is really assaulting one of our crucial staff members right now and there is tremendous potential fallout in the school; please pray for the Lord’s protection and intervention.

Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Jason and family

Monday night dinner