Greetings all,
Lord willing one week from today I will be lifting off and heading for Asia Pacific. Needless to say I am excited and looking forward to getting back to my normal travel routine, and most of all the time of fellowship with the Wana believers.

I usually have a number of requests for things to bring over when I go. One of our tribal pastors, Pa’a Obin, had a request last week asking me to bring him some “medicine”. The fellow passing along the information for him said I would know what he meant. Well I had no idea what he meant. I then asked one of our co-workers, Esron, what he was wanting; well a few months ago “Pa’a Obin” was complaining of dizziness. I told him that he should go to the drug store and buy some “meclazine” which usually helps with that. I had actually typed the name of it on skype so that he would have it correctly. Come to find out they misread the spelling and the “cl” was read as a “d” and it ended coming out “medicine”. Pa’a Obin then proceeded to go to a number of drug stores in town asking for “medicine”. Of course the pharmacists are well educated and understand a lot of English so I can’t help but wonder what was going through their minds when this fellow kept asking for “medicine”. No wonder after a number of days of searching he came back and told me that didn’t have any of that in town – ha. Now that they have the spelling correct maybe they will be able to get the “medicine” or was that “meclazine” that he needs :-).

Pa’a Obin at one of our Bible Conferences – his nephew lovingly refers to him as “baldy”. There are not many bald Wana people and they love teasing one another.