Jigsaw puzzles were a favorite family pastime during my growing up years. Summer vacations, holidays, and sometimes even in between, we’d pull out a card table and select an old favorite from Mom’s pile of puzzles. It was a fun, relaxing, refreshing, soothing pastime. That being the case, you’d think I’d LOVE trying to put together all the pieces of a travel itinerary. Instead it’s often seemed like I’m trying to cram round pegs into square holes! There are definitely more pieces than will fit, yet it’s hard to know which ones to quit trying to maneuver into the picture. As departure day looms, I’m working to finagle the final pieces in to fill the remaining gaps. This jaunt begins right after Labor Day and I’d really rather not leave home without the puzzle being complete! There are some 9+ hour driving days ahead. Your prayers will most certainly be appreciated!

Here’s how the travel blueprint is shaping up, in order —MO to Atchison KS to Rose Hill KS to Sedalia CO to Florissant CO. My little brother will then fly into Denver to help me make the long haul west to Salem, OR. Fellow missionary Lori Morley joins us sometime, somewhere in southern OR and, after Dan flies home, I’ll play chauffeur for Lori as she sees folks in OR maybe WA then ID then MT. From MT we head to WI where we’ll go our separate ways. I have a stop in MN then 3 areas of WI to visit — including a week in Sheboygan with my home church family there! After WI — Chicago looms — with it yet undecided whether I’m brave enough to leave the interstate and overnight with a friend in Berwyn. Either way, it’ll be Chicago then MI. 3 or more stops in PA. Then comes a bit of a gap in the puzzle – do I (in fear & trembling) head straight south from Philly, braving the traffic to try to connect with folks in the DC area? Since I haven’t heard from anyone there I may take a less congested route west, then turn south to NC and finally GA. ETA back in MO is sometime before Thanksgiving – and though it will be tons of fun seeing so many of you, I admit I will be very VERY happy to eventually be “home” again! 

After Christmas travels plans are already muddled as a key person on the FL leg of the puzzle will be in PNG at that time. At
present I am still praying and planning on the MO to AZ to CA to MO jaunt though. More about that closer to the time.
My sincere and grateful thanks to each of you who have continued standing together with me not only during the years in PNG but during my Home Assignment times too. Your prayers and gifts make this all possible. May God use this HA time to His honor and glory – and perhaps to encourage others to be a part of His work around the globe as well.

Co-laboring with you for the King!
Hope Sharp