Dear Co-Laborers,

Wow it is hard to believe the summer is almost gone! The school buses are running again and our church is nearly back into all of its autumn activities once again. We trust that you have had a great summer. We have both enjoyed our flower and vegetable gardens, and were also glad to be able to get away for a week of camping and fishing at a nearby lake where we enjoyed the solitude and just some time to rest and relax. We are also looking forward to another little get away to the state fair before my departure to Asia Pacific next week.

As you can imagine we have been very busy getting ready for my time away. We were able to get a riding lawn mower this year so Jeanne has been in training this month to take over all lawn responsibilities while I am gone. She has pretty much gotten the hang of operating it and the lawn looks great! I might have lost one of my jobsLaughing. This past Saturday I spent a number of hours at the car shop getting oil and transmission fluid changed, along with changing an air filter and getting new wiper blades put on – hoping to leave with the car in good condition. Right now I am looking a a big mess all over my office floor wondering if it is all going to fit in my suit case as I have some extra things for others which I am also wanting to take along. My tickets and visa entry permit are in hand and lift off is scheduled in 7 days departing Lincoln Nebraska on September 9 and arriving Asia Pacific just before midnight on September 10. It will be about 24 hours in route from the time I lift off from Lincoln.

My co-workers and I have lots of travel planned for which we will need use of the helicopter. A big prayer request is that our helicopter has been down for repairs for the past two months and we are still awaiting another part before it can be reassembled. We have another helicopter that is ready to fly which is sitting in the hangar but it still needs customs clearance before it will be allowed in the air. We would appreciate your prayers that at least one of these helicopters can be ready soon otherwise we will have to make some adjustments in order to accomplish the commitments we have made.

Both the Wana people and we are really looking forward to this time together. This summer we were able to finish preparing written lessons/commentary for the book of Jude and will plan to teach the book of Jude at this upcoming Bible conference the end of September. After the Bible conference my co-workers and I have plans to visit some other Wana churches and also make some consultant visits to a number of other missionary teams working in different tribal groups. I also have some leadership meetings scheduled in the nation’s capital city during the middle of my time there, so the schedule is full.

Jeanne and I will appreciate your prayers as we will be separated for the next number of weeks. (I will be returning on October 19). We would appreciate your prayers that things would run smoothly and that we wouldn’t have any major breakdowns at the house, and also for good health for Jeanne and our parents while I am gone. I would also appreciate your prayers for health, strength, and stamina as it will be a taxing schedule while I am away.

We also want to thank you so much for being a part of our team and for your prayers this past month. It is a blessing to partner with you to expand the reach of the gospel in the Asia Pacific region.


Ed & Jeanne Casteel