Thank you so much for your prayers as we battled the measles outbreak here in Hewa. Our village is finally turning the corner and a tremendous sense of relief and thankfulness has replaced the cloud that has hung over us these last four weeks.

Susan and our daughter Mikayla started treating the first cases of measles in early August but by the second week the terrible virus nearly took the lives of several of our friends. The government sent two nurses to vaccinate our villagers against measles on August 14 but by then a significant part of the population was already infected. Every day several new people came to our front door, asking for help. Small children and babies got hit the hardest and several times we were sure a child would not survive the night because of high fevers and severely compromised breathing.

Susan continued to move from person to person every day through the end of August trying to help relieve fevers and fight secondary infections. Now in early September she is still attending to one baby, a toddler and a four-year-old who are all showing good signs of solid recovery. Susan also continues to help other patients with post-measles illnesses such as pneumonia, which is common for people who have been severely weakened by the measles virus.

Though there were around 80 men, women and children that came to us for help in the month of August, we are very grateful the Lord spared their lives. Please thank the Lord with us, but also, please pray for the families of the three Hewans who died in the village of Fiyawena, our old village, and for the many deaths reported from other tribal groups in the mountains around us. Pray this will be a turning point for many people where they will become hungry to hear the word of God.

Thank you for joining us in calling out to God for mercy for the lives of our Hewa friends. We are convinced the Lord heard your prayers and rescued many from certain death.

Thank you for your love and prayers!