September 1, 2014

Dear Ministry Partners,

Good bye summer and hello autumn! It seems this summer has come and gone so quickly. We have enjoyed the extra rain in our area this summer and not having to water the lawn and garden much at all. The hail damaged some of our garden but the for the most part we have still been able to enjoy some produce from it. The musk melons are just now coming ripe so hoping to get to eat one or two of those before I head off to Asia Pacific next week.

Yes that time of the year is here again and I will be heading for Lincoln, Nebraska just one week from today! After observing our pilots run through their check list before each flight I finally developed my own check list a number of years ago which really helps me to not forget things I need to take. Of course there is still that odd thing I think of in the middle of the night so promptly get up and go write it down as I know it will be gone from my memory the next morning if I don’t! I have my suitcase and brief case sitting here on my office floor beside me and am working on getting it all packed.

This time my travels will take me to Tokyo and then straight on to Asia Pacific so I am able to bypass Singapore this time. This will cut down some on my travel time for which I am thankful. I will then be meeting up with Steve and Linda Rosengren at the provincial captial. I know we will be busy trying to get our shopping and packing ready for the flight into the tribe a couple of days later. Our plans will then be to begin the translation check of Genesis which will probably take us a full two weeks to complete. This check will be to check for accuracy to the original text and also for comprehension understanding to the hearer. From there we go straight into a Bible conference with our church leaders, teachers, and missionaries and will be studying from Revelations 17-19. Much of the rest of my time there will be taken up in consultant work visiting other tribal areas and missionary teams. During my last week there our own tribal team has plans to work on the phase 1 chronological lessons which are coming to completion. As always it will be a packed time with plans to arrive back home mid-October.

Jeanne and I will definitely appreciate your prayers for us during this time I am away – for safety, health, and stamina for our team and that we would be a blessing during our travels. And the same for Jeanne as she holds the fort on this end. Maybe pray too for the health of our parents while I am away and that if it would please the Lord we wouldn’t have any emergencies arise while I am gone.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your prayers. It is a joy to partner with you as we see the gospel go forth in Asia Pacific.


Ed & Jeanne Casteel