We arrived in PNG in April 2009. We served a year as dorm parents! We were excited to have 7 teenagers staying with us throughout the school year. After that came our aviation ministry.

110104Our aviation ministry:

  • Enabled the church planting missionaries to spend more time in the tribe by providing timely transportation of them and their supplies;
  • provided medical emergency flights for missionaries and tribal people;
  • showed the love of Christ to the national and tribal people we contact;
  • provided encouragement and counseling to the tribal missionary so that they will be able to stay on the field longer.

In our ministry to the tribal church planting missionaries – we provided encouragement to them by prayer, gifts, service, counseling, and just being available to listen. We provided a place of rest and relaxation when missionaries came to our home. We reached out to national people through relationships and Bible studies in the local church and in our home.