Personal Testimony

I believe that God has uniquely equipped me for this ministry. My father was a Vietnam Veteran and former police officer, so our family experienced first-hand the trauma that comes from serving in the military. Because of this understanding, I feel called to work with the military and police of Latin American countries, by creating training and counseling for the men and women who are trying to fight the corruption in their countries.

My personal testimony as a survivor of severe childhood sexual abuse has given me a unique perspective and a heart to reach out to those who have been or are currently in this type of situation. As I continue to work through my own counseling and recovery, I can understand first-hand what lies ahead of these precious child victims, as I once was, and their road that begins with rescue and then recovery. Through my own road to restoration God has equipped me with spiritual gifts and compassion to reach out to these victims through an incredible ministry that reaches into the darkness of crime.