Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt in Papua New Guinea,

We have seen God slowly closing the door on our missionary aviation ministry here, over the past two terms. At first, we wondered what was going on. However, it became very evident what God was doing.

God has always provided 100% of what we needed. Thank you all for faithfully standing with us through your prayers and sacrificial financial giving.

God provided four families, whom we thought would make up a team of missionary aviation personnel, to carry on the aviation ministry here. Then, one by one, each of those four were redirected to other ministries. God has always provided 100% of our financial needs. Now, He has allowed our financial support to drop by nearly $1500 per month.

We are certain that God called us to Papua New Guinea and into the ministry of missionary aviation, nearly thirty-five years ago. We have this same certainty that God is continuing to show us that it is time for us to leave Papua New Guinea.

Our love and appreciation for you all has grown very much, over these years. We do not know what is ahead, but we do know that God’s Word is a light to our path, for our feet to follow. Just as Moses went out, not knowing where his final destination would be, we also sense God’s direction in what we are doing.

God has given us many special friends whom we love, as family. We will now begin to tell them of God’s plan for us to leave Papua New Guinea and the people we love.

Your prayers for us, during this time, are much appreciated. Our home ministry assignment is just months away (April 2015). We have begun the process of selling our belongings, to move back, to the USA. We plan to arrive in Kansas City, MO, where we will initially set up housing.

We both have some pressing medical needs. This country is very rugged and has taken its toll on both of us over these twenty years. Our medical needs will need to be addressed, before we will be able to make a schedule for reporting to each of our supporting churches. These medical needs may require us to return to the USA before our scheduled departure date.

Therapy is done each day to see if it will help to relieve some of the pain, so that we can have a better quality of life. Steve has been waking up in the night, with a level 8 pain, in his right hand.

In Christ’s love,
Steve and Sandy