Everyone is scurrying around, preparing for the Kampout.  Well,  almost everyone. All students and staff involved in Spiritual Formation are preparing for this weekend’s camping trip to Camp Verde, AZ. This is primarily an opportunity for Spiritual Formation groups to get to know each other better, be exposed to some new ideas, get away from the formal classroom and into God’s original classroom, and just have fun. Would you pray with me that all the staff will be well prepared spiritually and that God would use them effectively in the lives of the students? Thanks!

So what about the rest of us who are staying behind? Aww, well, we’re just going to take it easy, sleep in, and get ready for next term. NOT! Back to the grind of accreditation again. There are deadlines to be met. Writing to accomplish. Evaluation after evaluation to be done. . . But we do have Monday off before the next term begins, or at least theoretically off if I’m ready for next term and my on-line class is up-to-date. Hmm. What are the chances?

I really need your prayers too that I wouldn’t stress over all the things I need and desire to accomplish, the changes that come as life takes a toll on my body (yes, I mean I’m getting old), the condition of our world and certain judgement to come, that I would work hard and well but leave the future in God’s hands. I need to rest in His good and faithful arms. Sigh. You know, the next life seems more and more real all the time, doesn’t it? Oh, and one more thing. Would you please pray with me that I might a good and faithful witness in this community? Thank you again.

Lord willing, the school newsletter, complete with an insert of all the current student photos and prayer requests will be in your hands (or on your computer) soon.

Thank you again! I am blessed to have you on my team!!