Dear friends,

Yesterday we did our fourth annual “Feedback Response Chapel”. In this chapel, the staff respond to the input the students gave us in their April “Feedback Input Chapel”.”We engaged with their written feedback and all four school departments—Student Life, Academics, Business Operations, and Development—responded to the feedback given to them.


The top three things students identified as the strengths of the school:

  • Staff/Faculty relationships with the students (including excellent instruction)
  • Growth experience with our discipleship program and chapel
  • Community and unity

These are pretty encouraging things to hear, right? One of our slogans is “Biblical. Relational. Transformational.” It is such an encouragement to know that we really are those things! Would you pray with us that we would stay biblical, relational, and transformational?

So what about the things that most need improvement?

  • Curfew
  • Keys/security
  • Quiet space needed for students for study

We have extended curfew a little on the weekends and better explained the reasons for it (protecting students from late-night trouble and temptation). Would you pray with us for the resources to put a keyless entry system on our exterior doors? We just met with an architect this last week to begin designing a master facilities plan so we can grow our campus (including our library and study space)—would you pray for wisdom for us in this endeavor?

Thank you for standing with us in support—both prayer and finances as the Lord leads you.

Jason and family

P.S. The Israel trip for this month was canceled. I am so busy with helping finish our accreditation self-study for its Nov. 1st deadline that I am thankful to not be leaving the country. But I still hope to go someday soon!