Dear friends and ministry partners,

It is said that “time heals all wounds”…but how MUCH time is needed? We are wrestling with this exact question as we continue to try to move forward as a school after the events of September (particularly Monieka’s suicide). Let me share three examples, two from students and one from a staff member:

Last Monday a freshman student in my Human Relationships class asked for some time with me after most of his classmates had left. He proceeded to share with me about a dream he’d had about Monieka. I was supposed to be leaving immediately for a “date night” with my wife Sarah but by the end of the conversation the tears were flowing down his face, so great is his ongoing heartache over the loss of his new friend.


My Old Testament Wisdom Books class was studying the “Lament Psalm” last Tuesday night; when I correspondingly referenced the need to be honest and real about our pain over the suicide, one of the students (the roommate that had found Monieka) left the class in tears. The Dean of Women was called over and most of the students spent from the end of class at 9:15 until almost 11PM talking and praying with her. She was greatly helped, but the level of pain is still extreme.

Just yesterday in our weekly staff meeting the Dean of Women (Native staff member Coreen Esplin) shared how hard it has been to help bear the pain of the female students in addition to healing herself. She said she continually asks herself “Have I done enough to help the girls?” The staff have to assist the students in the midst of coping with their own grief; out of necessity staff can often delay their own healing as they help others. Additionally, many staff are struggling with extreme emotional and physical fatigue (myself and Sarah included).

You can see from the above three examples that the Indian Bible College is still is great need of prayer. Would you pray for the three individuals mentioned above? Please pray for continued healing for all the staff and students and for protection from Satan’s continued and repeated attacks (he has continued to be unrelenting over the last several weeks).

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and financial support,

Jason Koppen