Term one ends this week and then we head out on our annual fall camp-out at Lake Powell, several hours north of here. So far, as far as I know, all the students are doing well. I am still adjusting to my new Spiritual Formation group of women, and they to me, but after the camp-out, we’ll likely be a lot better acquainted.

Fall is in the air. Frost has destroyed my “garden” but the pellet stove has been unsuccessful in booting up for its first run of the winter. This is the first fall I have actually dreaded winter. Must be getting old… I’ve also been trying to beat the snow in making a major move. I’ve been looking at places to move my manufactured home closer in to town (I really MUST be getting old!). Sure is a complicated process and the options are expensive. But, I think I might actually go through with it if I can talk one place down.

Term two begins October 8. I’ll be adding Practical Ministry Writing to my classes. We also have a fall conference coming up October 14-17, featuring 5 alumni as speakers for the various days. Our theme is: Lessons Learned in the Trenches of Ministry.

Please pray with us for spiritual growth in the lives of staff and students, for wisdom as the administration and board explore expansion options, and for the steadfastness of the students.

Thank you again for praying and giving as the Lord directs. May He bless your fall activities and ministries too! Be on the look out for the fall newsletter and insert containing the entire student body and their prayer requests.