The Manus Pastors’ Seminar

Dear Supporters,

We had a wonderful time in Manus with the folks you see in the photo above. Many of the village pastors were excited to have the Bible lessons to study and to teach from. This month, we’re heading to a remote airstrip near Mt Bosavi in the Southern Highlands Province (SHP) where 60 pastors have registered to attend so far. In November, we have a conference in the Pawaian tribe and another pastors’ seminar near Lake Kutubu in the SHP. Pray that God’s word will go out with power.


The book I’ve translated for pastors is nearly ready to go to press. I wish I had known many of the helpful things in that book 40 years ago. I’m sure it will be a great tool to strengthen men and women in their resolve to serve the Lord faithfully and for a life time.

Our newest project is a very long one since we are translating 269 lessons into simple English. English is actually the national language here, but it’s new to many people. There are 4 of us working on different lessons. I’m 100 pages into my section of 357 pages. Keep praying for progress.

Kathy is getting more settled into her job at the finance office, but the printer/copier/scanner over there only seems to work properly when it feels like it. She often has to bring documents home to deal with them. Pray that the office printer will be repaired or replaced soon.

The roads here have deteriorated so badly that we are limited how far we can drive with our sedan. We have put it up for sale so that we can purchase a 4-wheel drive SUV type of vehicle. Pray.

We have been so blessed by your part in our ministries.

Love in Christ,
Jim & Kathy

       Manus baby        Manus sea turtle         Our gracious hostess, Rebecca