Dear Team Members,
G’Day from Kansas where the temperature is getting colder each and every day, and the leaves are starting to show their brilliant autumn colors!

Thank you for your prayers as we travel, but most of all for our daughter-in-law Janelle who had major back surgery on September 20th.  The operation went well, but we know she would appreciate your prayers for the weeks ahead as her back heals and she recuperates.  We are with Ray and Janelle this week which is SPECIAL.  Of course seeing their children and their families is GREAT!!!   Of course the icing on the cake is to see our great-grand-daughter Temperance!  Temperance will be two in December and she already talks about the computer!

It is two weeks now since we hit the road.  Each step of this journey has been REALLY SPECIAL and we thank the Lord for the fellowship we are having with Team Members and family.  The first night of our journey we stopped with our friend Norma Dudley in Pensacola, Florida.  We then headed to Richland Missouri to Beulah Baptist Church.  We then spent time at the First Baptist Church of Silverlake, Kansas.  Each and every place has been a blessing and encouragement as we have spent time with Team Members.  After a lovely week with our son Ray and his family, this coming Monday we head out to Denver Colorado so it will be a very long day.  Cherrie’s low back has been acting up, so we are trying to get more exercise.  Taking walks and enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves is awesome.  We appreciate your continued prayers as we travel and to stay alert on the road.

Please continue to pray for Chuck and Darlene Marshall as they face each new day taking over our roles of Business Advisor and Secretary.  We are thankful for our cell phones so they can phone us when they need to ask questions.

In our travels we will be in places we have never been, so expect this trip to be also a history and geography learning time.  Of course we are never too old to learn!  Already folk are having conversation with Charlie about SS, Medicare, and other areas he has been involved in!

Spending time with Terry and Carol Scott in Silver Lake, Kansas was quite an eye opener.  Terry is part Cherokee.  One night we watched an Australian DVD, we had, called “The Rabbit Proof Fence”.  The conversation that followed was QUITE SAD as we shared the similarities between our Australian Aborigines and our American Indians –  EXTREMELY SAD  as we were reminded of sooo many that were just slaughtered AND then to be told (or reminded) that even in our generation they were treated badly.

There is sooo much going on in this world that is discouraging and can get one down emotionally, but we are so thankful that our HOPE is not in man, but in a LOVING SAVIOR WHO IS OUR ONLY HOPE!

All Because of Jesus,

Charlie & Cherrie


When we arrived at Terry and Carol’s home in Kansas I was amazed at how BIG their home looked.  Guess it was BIG because we had been days traveling in our small car with stuff piled REALLY HIGH on the back seat!   I (Cherrie) am 67 years old, and at their home I collected eggs from chickens for the first time!

On the way to a ladies meeting at one of our supporting churches, The First Baptist Church of Silverlake, we saw three large cattle truck in a field (paddock for our Australian friends).  Then in the field were cowboys on their horses with their cowboy hats on. They were getting ready, we think, to round up the calves to possibly transport them to auction!  So we are having quite an education as we travel!

At a ladies prayer meeting at this church, I was asked how to pray for missionaries, and I zeroed in on retirees returning home to the USA after MANY MANY years of serving the Lord overseas.  It is not easy for these dear folk to leave their country of service which had become their REAL HOME.  Having to now deal with our modern bank accounts, shopping in HUGE grocery stores, ordering a land line (telephone), and much more, one of the ladies said it is like COMING BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!