Greetings all,

These last 6 weeks have been full of travel and blessing as I have journeyed to many destinations throughout much of the central part of these islands. I have been living out of a backpack for most of the time. It has been a joy to spend nearly two weeks in our own tribal work and then be able to take leaders from our Wana churches and make consultant trips to other tribal works as well.

It is fun and a joy to be a part of discipling these men and their wives for the Lord and see them grow and mature in Him. This email finds me in the capital city – I flew down from the province early this morning and will be getting up very early Tuesday morning (Monday afternoon your time) to catch the flight which will take me from the equator up over Alaska and finally down into the USA mainland. Your prayers will be appreciated for both me and for Jeanne and the kids as they will be traveling down to Lincoln, Nebraska to pick me up. Will check in again once on the ground in the USA.

Blessings from the Eagle,

Consultant visit with some of our Wana missionaries working cross culturally in another language group

Copying Wana audio Scripture onto devices for our folks to use.

One of our consultant team members taking time out for a haircut.