Greetings from this side of the world. Just wanted to let you know that I made it back to town from the tribe yesterday. First of all THANKS so much for all your prayers as they were very much sensed and appreciated. The first two weeks we spent in checking the book of Genesis.

Even though the check covered a space of 11 days due the the length of the book (over 1500 verses), it was the smoothest check we have ever had! We were able to make the adjustments as we went along so as soon as we can get it formatted, it will be ready for printing.

While we were busy working on the translation check we had another team of fellows working on checking 70 of our phase 1 Bible lessons. And then a third team working on recording the rough draft of the book of Exodus which helps us get the wording more natural.

The third week we had a Bible conference with representatives from all our Wana churches present. We covered Revelation 17-19 keying in on “Babylon”, what it stands for, and how the thinking and actions of Babylon are even present with us today.

After the Bible conference we spent the remainder of our time in another of our Wana villages along with doing consultant visits to two other tribal missionary teams. During the course of the past 4 weeks I have been pretty much out of touch with the outside world as cell phones and internet don’t work too well out in the bush!

I will be here in town for a week where we will be meeting with two other of our tribal teams and also hoping to get some time with our Wana co-workers to go over the corrected lessons and start getting them ready for printing. It has been an exciting last 4 weeks so say the least. Below are a few snap shots of us in action – enjoy.

Blessings to you,
Ed n Jeanne

Bob Clark our translation checker in the middle, along with Linda Rosengren and myself

Our translation/language helpers.

We had an unwanted visitor during the night who shed its coat in the office

The Bible curriculum development team

Our whole translation team