Greetings all,

Just wanted to thank all of you for your prayers these past couple of weeks that we have been in the tribe. We had a wonderful time of fellowship at our Wana Bible conference where we had many representatives from all our churches present. We studied out of the book of Revelation and the importance of us getting the gospel to the many who have not trusted in Christ so they would never have to go through the tribulation or enter into a Christ less eternity. Many seemed very challenged and eager to obey the commission Christ has given to us.

We were also privileged to visit a number of our individual churches and give help and encouragement to them.


This past week we were able to teach through the book Titus with a group of pastors who were facing a difficult challenge in their church.

During our time we were also privileged to be able to make a two day visit to one of our missionary teams on an island to the east. These three Wana families are nearing completion of their language study and it won’t be long before they will be able to begin teaching. Yesterday we loaded up in our new Kodiak airplane and flew back out to the provincial capital. I will be here until Wednesday working on Bible curriculum development with our Wana coworkers and then be headed to Thailand on Wednesday. Thanks too for praying for Jeanne and our family in the USA – we thank the Lord that all is well with them too.

Ed & Jeanne

“And when he had brought them into his house, he set meat before them, and rejoiced, believing in God with all his house.” Please meet one of our newest believers, “Pa Wee”. We rejoice that he and his family have come to know the Lord after rejecting Him for many years.