Greetings all!
We wanted to send out an update regarding the new “Wana” outreach in the village of “Kaju Poli” (Oak Tree). Things are rolling along in spite of some minor set backs.

The main set back was our plans to send in a team of men to help with building the team’s houses and to also make them a canoe which they can use for travel and supply down to the coast. We had planned to send this team in three weeks ago but the pilot got a bad case of the flu and was sick for 2 weeks and then he had to make business trip to the nation’s capital last week.

He is well now and back in the saddle so this coming Monday is now the big day for taking these men in along with some provisions for the team. Please pray for safety in all the flying for that day. Some really good news is that 5 families approached our team this week saying they wanted to be taught God’s word. The team is asking for us to send in laminated pictures which go along with all the chronological lessons so we will send those in on Monday as well. Teaching should be able to begin soon as we are working in the same language group so no lengthy process of “language and culture” learning as when doing a cross cultural ministry.

We are really excited about this outreach and it has also been thrilling to see the Wana churches excitement as they get behind and support this outreach. This outreach has great potential for spreading the gospel to hundreds of people living in this particular area. Thanks to you too for your support through your prayers as we see this new group of people reached for Christ.

May God richly bless,

Ed & Jeanne Casteel

“Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”