Greetings all,

This past Friday morning was my normal “skype schedule” for talking with our Wana co-workers.  The helicopter was supposed to be going into the Wana tribe on Friday morning so I asked Esron if it worked out for the helicopter to make the scheduled trip.  Esron then explained to me that it didn’t work out for the helicopter to go in as it was down for repairs.


He went on to explain that the tail rotor had developed a vibration so they needed to inspect and repair it.  I then asked him if they were able to get it repaired and he said, “Yes it is all fixed now, and they are just waiting for the glue to dry”!  I have to say that gave me a good laugh for the day, thinking about our helicopter being held together with glue.  I guess he misunderstood when the mechanic told him that they had to wait for the paint to dry – ha, ha.  However much is indeed held together by glue in Asia Pacific so it didn’t even phase Esron with the misunderstanding.

As we work with these wonderful people we have had our good times, our challenging times, and also lots of times for laughter.  It is a joy to work together with them.


Ed n Jeanne

Esron on the right with his dad, Teddy, on the left.  Esron’s Dad has been a pastor of the church in Esron’s home village for over 20 years.  It is neat to now see second and third generations serving the Lord with their lives.