Dear Co-Laborers,

Last week it seemed everyone was saying “It doesn’t seem it is already time for Thanksgiving.”  We kind of  feel that way too and wonder where the autumn has gone, realizing that winter will be just around the corner.  We do trust that you were able to have a special time with family and friends this past Thanksgiving weekend.  It seems so many have forgotten the real reason for the season and instead of it being a time of Thanksgiving it has become a day of “things” with black Friday now turning into black Thursday as well. 


I have appreciated your prayers as I have gone through this cervical spinal surgery.  The recovery associated with surgery has been a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated in the area of getting my swallowing back to normal, and having to eat mainly pureed foods.  A swallow test of a few weeks ago showed that my epiglottis was not folding down properly due to swelling and also weak throat muscles.  However I did have a good checkup this week as a throat scope and ct scan showed that everything was looking fine and no obstructions of any kind.  The throat therapist told me today that she feels my epiglottis is now folding down and I can begin to add some more “chewable” things to my diet which is good news.  She said it will still take some time to get my throat muscles back into shape but feels we are making good progress so that was encouraging.           

Things with our Wana ministry are going well.  As I have said in the past “Skype” sure has been a blessing as we work together with our Wana co-workers and church pastors.  All of our churches in the Central and Western islands fall under one church organization which up till now has been represented to the government by our sponsoring board.  We feel our churches have come to sufficient maturity that they are now able to begin doing this representation on their own.  So many of our pastors across these islands have been getting together and going over all the church by-laws in preparation to see this all happen.  Once the by-laws are finished they will then choose from amongst them who will be their representatives.  It has been a challenge for them but it is all beginning to come together.

It seems this past month has taken a lot of time with different leadership correspondence and responsibilities but in the midst of all that our translation team has been able to continue to make some progress on the Phase 1 Old Testament lessons as well. It is interesting how God’s Word works, as no matter how many times one has read a passage the Lord still uses those same words to teach us something new, so the side blessing to developing lessons is all that the Lord teaches me in the process.

Jeanne and I want to take this time to thank you so much for your prayers this past month….and just for being such great co-workers as we work together to spread the gospel half way around the world.  You are greatly appreciated!


Ed & Jeanne Casteel